PAMCAST INTERVIEW / Padraig Conway - Owner and Original Member

  1. What does it mean to you being a Paneristi?

The world. 20 years. Some, I’m sure many members, don’t have children that old. It’s a badge I will wear with pride. A Paneristi. It’s a passport that never needs renewing. 


2. How do you feel about being part of a community linked to a product of excellence and with such a strong history?

Proud. Honored. Better still, a founder that adapted to the times and the cultures that joined. 


3. Your bond with Panerai is mainly on a product level or on a heritage and values one?

Heritage and value. Product was always secondary. It’s like supporting a team. Win or lose I wear their badge. 


4. When did you start collecting Panerai watches and what motivated you to do so?

1999. Recovering mentally from an awful family car accident in 1995. I forgave myself to smile again. That smile was seeing a watch I knew nothing about nor could afford. Look what it led to. A bigger family. 


5. How has your collection evolved since you first started collecting Panerai timepieces?

Exponentially but more so my mother Maureen bought a 190 but couldn’t wind it as her fingers were weak. My sister too. She would drive every Sunday and wind her watch. My distant relatives and children all own Panerai’s. It’s part of our DNA. 


6. Do you have a favorite watch in your Panerai collection?

Pam 232. No equal. 

7. What’s the first element that catches your attention in a Panerai watch such as Luminor PAM1312?

The dials simplicity. Build it from there. 


8. Do you consider other Paneristi simply as members of the same community or do you perceive them as friends to share more than just the passion for Panerai with?

Family. Our front door is always open. 


9. Do you think that Paneristi are a key element for Panerai as a brand?

Absolutely. We met and married as if by arrangement. We stayed together as we grew and the love survives us all. It’s simple. Respect. Growth. Love. 

10. What’s your favorite Panerai model?

Anything Radiomir. The 232. 


11. Do you think that Panerai should create a brand-new family of watches?

No. But if they did I’d be interested to see what they presented. 


12. Despite the pandemic and the lack of physical events, did you feel engaged by Panerai during 2020?

Yes. Maybe more so. We have captive audiences in lockdown situations. 

13. How would you describe the perfect Panerai watch, if you had the chance to have one exclusively made for you?

Blank. Blue Steel or Gold hands. Just made by Panerai would be enough. And it would sell. 


14. How do you feel about the fact that Panerai created a watch inspired to and for the Paneristi?

Truly honored. Truly. 

It was history before being rediscovered. To be include in its journey, with no end in sight, is a sign of respect to all Paneristi. 


15. Are you thrilled by the novelties that will be launched in April during the W&W? What do you expect?

Controversy. The old guard vs. the new. Panerai are a business that needs to keep its door open. I’m glad to be a part of the past and future. My era paid for the hinges that support this door. Welcome to all that walk through. Respect the host, the house and the always expanding family. 




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